Little India — with it’s unique smells, gold-plated trinkets, colorful textiles and bustling streets — is about five minutes by foot. We walked there last night in search of Lagnaa, a barefoot bistro where you enjoy your meal on cushions around a low table on the floor. Along the way on Upper Dickson Road, the flashing brilliance of a little storefront stopped us in our tracks. Through the window we were mesmerized by the rows and rows and rows of simple sparkling bangles in all the colors of the rainbow.

We stepped inside One Bangle and inspected the thousands of skinny bangle bracelets perfectly arranged by color and size covering the entire left and right wall of the shop, floor to nearly ceiling. Shimmering. Sparkling. Bedazzling! Suddenly I wanted to be 14 again when Madonna embellished both her wrists with these things, and inspired all of us girls to do the same.

How much? One to three dollars each depending on design, the female shopkeeper said. What a treat! And cheap too! But where to start with so many choices??? My husband and stylist extraordinaire suggested she choose a medley for us. So we offered some direction: orange. And blue. She sized up my big American wrist and quickly chose and arranged a glittering array of rings that would make any girl happy. Ten dollars and eight bangles later we were on a first-name basis as we discussed our dinner plans for the evening. Sheila offered her endorsement of Lagnaa, even though as an Indian she doesn’t really like Indian food much. She also suggested trying Kantipur in the Mustafa Center for authentic Nepalese cuisine.

Thanks Sheila. That was a blast! We’ll be back for more bangles and your Little India insight.

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