It’s so fantastic going to a new place, knowing there will be bread, pastries, doughnuts and desserts you’ve never tried or even seen! This is one such treat from Bread Talk, a great little chain found throughout Singapore. Five perfectly marbled, perfectly beautiful chocolate croissants tucked in a bag like pigs in a blanket. Is it bad to buy food based on appearance alone? At least they tasted as good as they looked!

Second place (it’s only the first day, folks) goes to Chewy Junior, a funny little shop that puts our doughnuts to shame. What’s a glazed to do? Accessorize! Try some sprinkles, nuts, creams or infinite icing twists that dress up and deck out one of the best treats anywhere in the world.


  1. These look like seashells to me – my mouth is watering! Thanks, Kelly, for writing this blog which I am thoroughly enjoying! Glad you and Jay are 2gether and having more adventures.
    Aunt Vicki


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