Clearly, Asia has been doing food courts since long before we even knew what they were. This place is one of the best in Singapore. An amazing 114 hawker stands are arranged in “streets” radiating from a center point like spokes on a wheel, representing practically every regional and national cuisine in all of Asia — Korean BBQ, Indian, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese and so many more. We were here for our second time today, a national Indian holiday called Deepavali, so it was a bit less busy than usual and easier to browse the amazing combinations of food on offer. Some were recognizable, some I had never seen before… but nonetheless I found a nice little sampling of pork, chicken, tofu and vegetables to fill my belly for less than $5 SGD. All of this goodness is housed in an ornate building with quite an interesting history. Lau Pa Sat. Three syllables, endless cheap and yummy possibilities. Go!

Lau Pa Sat

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