A whole new world was presented to me today, on a white tablecloth in white porcelain.


I’ve never been a tea drinker, although I tried many times growing up since my father often had a cup, and tried again when we lived in London in an effort to live like the locals. No dice, until today. TWG Tea is in Marina Bay and several other places around Singapore. This particular location is a raised platform above the canal in the center of the shopping mall. Seems odd at first glance, but once you’ve settled into a table and are presented with the menu the rest of the world just sort of fades away.

TWG has hundreds of teas from all over the world, rated and described with an alpha numeric system that hints at what you’ll be getting when you finally choose The One with which to fill your cup. Their tea book has pages and pages of descriptors, helpful information, historic factoids and just really fun stuff to learn about tea. We pored over the choices, considering a Darjeeling, a blend from Nepal, a tea from the mountains of India… sweet, robust, orange, pekoe… I could feel my taste buds expanding. Finally, Jay selected the Rwandan Express and I chose the Destiny Green Tea, two very different types from vastly different parts of the world.

What arrived shortly after were two steaming pots waiting to flow from the spouts. My Destiny Green, the lightest shade of yellow-green, with a subtle taste I can’t describe. Jay’s Rwandan Express, like sunset in a cup, with a robust, lemony flavor made richer with a splash of milk. What a brave new world! The mystery of a single pot will surely make a tea drinker of me yet.



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