Happy Deepavali! This is a Hindu national holiday in Singapore. A “Festival of Lights”, Deepavali celebrates our inner light and awareness of the oneness of all things. The main street through Little India has been decked out in lights since before I arrived, fueling my curiosity of what would happen on the actual day of celebration. Would there be a parade? I laugh at the symbolism in my American mind: holiday = parade!

In reality, not much was supposed to happen. According to Sheila, at One Bangle, most people would spend the day with family at home. So we spent the day elsewhere, and ventured here for dinner. When we arrived, Little India was packed with the male persuasion. Men were out in force to celebrate a night off. Women were nowhere to be found — probably at home with their sisters, mothers, daughters recovering after a long day in the kitchen. So we plodded through the crowds looking for dinner, me feeling like a needle in a haystack of men. There was no drunkenness or reason to feel uncomfortable — men were just out to spend time with each other, arms draped on and around each other as is customary.

We finally found a little hole in the wall called Alankar, where the only Indian woman in town that night (the owner, clearly) helped us decipher the menu and choose some really good things — dhosi with potato, roti, masala chicken and Tiger beer. Delicious! Happy Deepavali! I like this place.

Alankar :: 98 Dunlop Street :: Little India

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