Tucked away in the Mount Sophia neighborhood of Singapore is Chalk. Its setting is simple and unpretentious at Old School, a cluster of white buildings with black signage in a typographically old-school font (some version of Garamond?) with an occasional italic flourish. Tenants at Old School include artists, designers and filmmakers.

To get to Chalk, just look for the shiny, red, naked man sculpture — he’s bigger than life-size and bent over in a pose that could be mistaken for throwing up his meal were it not for the laughter on his face that’s revealed as you get closer. Just past him, you’ll find the door to Chalk. Inside you’ll find a concrete floor, an open seating plan and a casual deck outside.

Chalk calls itself a casual bistro with French and Italian fare, and an interior like a home with a lounge, wine cellar, kitchen and dining room. That seemed to be true, although what we enjoyed most from the menu was one of their Spanish flatbreads with chorizo, pork and whole cloves of garlic. We supplemented that with both soups of the day (chicken egg and potato leek) and a caprese salad. Over two post-meal lattes, we decided we’d be back for more — Chalk is a great option for a meal in a quiet part of the city.

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