Not It

The search has begun for a place to live in Singapore. I learned a lot from going through this exercise in London five+ years ago. The first lesson? You’ll probably not end up living in the part of the city that, on the map, appears to your virgin eyes to be the exact, perfect location for you and your lifestyle. See photo above! Looks great on the map and all the specs on paper are just we’re looking for: near an MRT station, new building, views, two beds, two balconies. Take a look in person and it all goes pear-shaped. Two tiny bedrooms, two noisy balconies above the expressway, views of one of the world’s top three busiest ports. Definitely not for us, but I met a nice agent in the process who gave me a ride back home and is taking me out again tomorrow. It’s funny knowing our future apartment is out there somewhere! We just have to keep looking.


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