Ah, the international language of barbecue! A simple equation that’s hard to mess up: meat + grill = good. Last night we ventured out for barbecue of the Korean kind at Sarang in Orchard Central (near the Somerset MRT station; love their website for its color and artistic design). This country is doin’ it right. There are hot plates and dipping sauces and little side dishes of pickled vegetables and condiments that add texture and nuance to the whole presentation.

We ordered the Yin Yang pancakes, Stewy Chicken, Beef Bulgogi, Dolsot Bibimbap and Samgyeopsal. Yes, that sentence gets progressively harder to read and understand but they had me at Bulgogi! The Yin Yang pancackes — flat, fried combos that serve as the bread of the meal. Stewy Chicken — a nice hotpot with chunks of chicken, potatoes, onions in a flavorful broth. Beef Bulgogi — delectable small bits of sliced beef piled on a hot plate, served with romaine leaves for Korean’s version of lettuce wraps. Dolsot Bibimbap — they should just call this Mmm Bop, like the 1997 song by Hanson (maybe THIS is what they were singing about!). It’s a hotpot of Korean rice with vegetables and a rusty colored, thick, sweet-ish paste that gets mixed in before serving. And last but not least, Samgyeopsal — barbecued pork belly slices with a too tiny, shallow tin of “dip” that looked to be the valuable drippings collected from the grill. Exceptional rustic barbecue flavor.

What fun to go into the restaurant not knowing what to expect and leave knowing I’ll definitely go back. Mmmmm bop!


  1. Singapore is a very diverse culture country. It is good to know that you had visited our country en enjoyed many cuisines from different countries here. Hope have had wonderful time for your trip 🙂


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