Wonder Full

Move over Bellagio! Marina Bay is closing in. We stopped along the waterfront tonight to watch Wonder Full — Marina Bay’s outdoor laser and water show (two shows every night, weather permitting). Like the show at the Bellagio, Wonder Full has music and fountains. Unlike the show at the Bellagio, Wonder Full has lasers, fire, projection graphics and seating. There are some super cool effects — one of them is a misty “screen” of water that creates an ethereal canvas that a video (three videos, actually) is projected onto. Remember in Star Wars when Princess Leia is a holographic display and says, “Help me Obi Wan. You’re my only hope.”? It’s kind of like that effect.

Much like the fountains, fire periodically shoots upwards from the water surface in giant plumes. All around, colors shift and lights reflect on the architecture. I’m sure this show will only get bigger and more complex as tourists and locals discover this 13 minutes of free fun. There is some really cool stuff in this city if you like sparkling lights and shiny surfaces. Singapore gets an “A” for effort, creativity and accessibility. The Olympics can’t be too far behind.

Wonder Full

Wonder Full


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