Ministry of Food

Ministry of Food — funny name for a little Japanese restaurant in Bugis Junction. The food is good, affordable (a little more than a typical hawker stall but you do get full service and napkins!) and plentiful with all kinds of hotpots, bento boxes and noodle bowls. We had a selection of sushi, a noodle bowl and a chicken curry dish that was served in a small skillet over an open flame.

What’s most helpful, if you’re new to Japan’s cuisine and Ministry of Food, is the library of dishes all photographed and displayed in a book of a menu (notice the thickness). Yes, this is a little cheesy in the States a la Denny’s, but in Singapore I can’t imagine trying to explain what everything is to so many different nationalities. A picture (or several hundred) really is worth a thousand words and very helpful in guaranteeing you know what you’re ordering for dinner. Just get there early — this Ministry is packed with loyal followers.

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