How beautiful is this salad? Let me count the ways. Shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, cilantro, red chilis, crushed peanuts, bamboo shoots, carrots and four shrimp in a delectable sweet soy dressing. All my favorite flavors rolled into one exquisite dish at Nuoc, a Vietnamese restaurant on the top level of Orchard Central. You can eat the salad with a fork or scoop it onto the shrimp crisps like an Asian tostada.

We were a little skeptical going here — Nuoc has a great setting on the rooftop of Orchard Central so we suspected the atmosphere might outshine the food. Not so — it was all good from start to fish, particularly the attentive service. We started with the salad and some shrimp rolls, followed by two bowls of Pho (chicken and beef). My Pho Ga (chicken) was so tasty I actually made a proverbial dent in the soup bowl which is hard to do when it’s as big as your head.



We ended with a charming coconut custard (there had to be some green tea in there, too) with sweet coconut milk, and a walk around the rooftop to admire the stellar city view. Nuoc has indoor seating, and outdoor seating overlooking lush foliage planted around the deck area. Just hop on the series of the longest escalators you’ve ever seen in your life and check it all out, up on top!

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