Arab Street

I spent my last afternoon in Singapore drifting around Arab Street, also known as Kampong Glam. I love this little neighborhood with its colorful shop houses and variety of storefronts selling rugs, scarves, baskets and yards and yards of silky saree fabrics. What fun it must be for a woman to go searching here for the material for her next custom-made dress.

The Masjid Sultan sits on the north side of the neighborhood, painted cream with orange and grey accents and a shimmery gold dome. It was built in 1928 and it’s a national monument.

Blu Jaz is a fun indoor/outdoor bar nearby with live music and a great scene into the wee hours of the morning. There are also some great little restaurants in this area (like Piedra Negra) — I look forward to exploring them next year and learning about shisha and hookah pipes which can be smoked in many of them. I’m no smoker, but the design and ornamentation of many hookahs is quite foreign and beautiful. Hookahs and haflas — check it out.

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