If you’re reading my blog then you surely know by now that I’m entirely captivated by beautiful environments — from the moonscape of a high-elevation trail in the Himalayas to the exquisite interior of a restaurant in Hong Kong to the morning-after landscape of a Tahoe snowstorm. No matter if the environment is natural or man-made. I just love seeing color, texture and form assembled into compelling arrangements. So… Lantern was quite a treat for me.

Lantern is the rooftop bar at the Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore. Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive. Yes, there’s a bar scene that’s very upscale, bordering on uncomfortable if you’re not in wingtips or carrying a crocodile handbag (nope, I don’t have one). But I love Lantern anyway. I love it for the magical rooftop pool that welcomes you with cyan water and rows of sparkling lights. I love it for the cush square “beds” with billowing canopies where you can lay and chat and sip mojitos. I love it for the open air and surrounding cityscape and incredible views from its balconies. It’s like that song by Peter Gabriel that makes me imagine living some super-cosmopolitan life… Big Time.


We were at Lantern during Marina Bay’s nightly laser, light and water show, which compounded my delight — more lights and colors. This was the first time we’d seen the show from the north side of the bay and it was even cooler than seeing it from the south side of the bay.


What a sight. Beauty, pure and simple.



    1. Thanks LonelyTravelog! I love Singapore! Such a great city! I’m in the U.S. right now but moving there permanently next month. I can’t wait! I was just reading about your bus trip to KL – I plan to do that in the next few months. Thanks for the info and photos. Great job on your blog! I’ll follow you. Cheers!


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