Sad day, leaving Singapore last Thursday but I did get to see a beautiful sunset in Tokyo as I waited to catch my second flight. I made it to San Francisco just fine and then my flight to Sacramento was cancelled. How is it that you can travel thousands of miles, across oceans, arriving early (!) and yet be stranded from reaching your final destination that’s less than 100 miles away? They had booked me on another flight the next day (huh?) with no offer of accommodations. So I rented a car for a whole two hours and drove instead, turned it in at the airport, went to mom’s and slept for a couple hours and continued on to Tahoe. Fallen leaves, rain on the pass, snow on the ground, delusions from sleep deprivation. Even with all that, I still marvel at being on one side of the world in the morning and the other side of the world on the evening of the same day. I’m currently reading “Jet Age” about that very possibility — how we got here after the Wright brothers, the numerous De Havilland Comets that exploded in flight and the race to build faster, safer airplanes. But no one has solved the lurking persistence of jet lag! What time is it?

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