So, here I am back in Truckee after a month in Singapore. Gotta wrap up the renovation projects, pack up, ship out, rent the house and be on my way back to Singapore in February. I already can’t wait — my feet are cold and winter is setting in. So that leaves about three months before I get back to where I once be-logged (thanks, Paul). What to do? What to do? How do I keep my family of readers entertained until then?

I know! Let’s go around the world! How about if I tell you some stories about some of our more memorable, grueling, touching and picturesque escapades around the globe? I’ll keep working on my writing skills if you’ll hop in the seat next to me and go for a ride. Your round-the-world ticket includes stops in:

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Sapa, Vietnam
Bangkok and Pak Chong, Thailand
Bali and Lombok
Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Athens and the islands of Greece
Istanbul and the coast of Turkey
Prague, Czech Republic
Rome and Florence, Italy
The Tour de France in the Alps and Paris, France
Marrakesh, Morocco
Machu Picchu, Peru
Kathmandu and the Khumbu Valley, Nepal (put your boots on: this will be a long, multi-day story)

Wow, that’s a lot of writing. I better get busy. I’m sure all this writing will lead somewhere someday, but for now you know that old, tired mantra… it’s the journey, not the destination. Yes, yes, then let’s get started! Are you coming along?


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