EUREKA! We have cheese. This is actually a temperature-controlled cheese ROOM. I want one of these in my dream home — can The Cheese Room really be that far behind The Wine Room trend in home building? I doubt it, Martis Campers.

This cheese room is at Jones The Grocer in Dempsey Hill, and has a plethora of great choices including some of my favorites like Ossau Iraty, St. Agur and Morbier. There is bleu cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese and cheese with a depression in the middle where Champagne is poured in during the aging process. Mon dieu! Let’s try that one! Several choices I’ve not even heard of and are probably banned from US importation due to their raw milk status. I wish our household shipment would get here so I can unpack the cheese book and start tasting.

If you’re not a cheese person, you are not my friend. Just kidding. I can probably convert you. And there’s plenty to share. As Mr. Producer says (to me, who prefers her own plate), sharing is caring. So let’s care about each other over some Camembert and pear, eh?


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