Tanjong Pagar, just a five minute walk from our flat, is quickly becoming our favorite neighborhood. I suppose it IS our neighborhood since it has a grocery store, produce market, fresh fruit sellers (more on this later), several small DIY stores, a wet market, drugstore, bakery and just about everything we need in our daily Singapore life within walking distance. Bordering Tanjong Pagar is Duxton Hill — a leafy street leading up to a hill where an enclave of great restaurants awaits those who journey just a bit off the beaten path. One of these restaurants is Latteria Mozzarella Bar, honoring all things mozzarella plus other dishes like mussels and pastas.

Having only really known shredded and buffala mozzarella in my life, little did I know there were so many varieties of mozzarella and ways to serve it (I should have taken notes). The first page of Latteria’s menu offers a short lesson with definitions of each, followed by a captivating selection of courses incorporating all the various kinds of mozzarella. We started with the Burratini, a gorgeous ball of mozzarella with a milky center — a slight variation of Burrata. It was placed atop cooked pumpkin with mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and black truffle oil. A piece of art on a plate that breaks open like a poached egg when cut into.

We followed this with mussels and a “pasta bake” with mozzarella in the homey comfort of the main seating area of the restaurant. All tables are slightly worn and different from one another, paired with a mismatched selection of wood chairs set against a sepia wall mural of aged cottages somewhere in Italy. There’s also an outdoor seating area overlooking Duxton Hill, and with so many varieties of mozzarella — lots of reasons to go back.


  1. OMGoodness! Enough with the food already! Between the wine, the cheese room, the sando and now this…I’m starving! Seriously – keep the posts coming. I am loving hearing about everything! Definately need to visit you guys! *hugs*


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