Once again, I had to stop by The Fullerton hotel and just have a look around at the beauty and opulence. It did not disappoint, with a few fun new things on display. Upon leaving Singapore last November, much to my chagrin I had missed the Elephant Parade — a city-wide art exhibit of custom-painted pachyderms bringing attention to the plight of the Asian elephant. At The Fullerton, there is one last elephant that remains on display (at least the only one I’ve come across so far) called Unicelephant — very simply white with a single horn covered in sparkling crystals.

There were pastries and fruit tarts and meringues the size of cheeseburgers, a koi pond, fresh flowers arranged like living art and one particular piece of fabric art fashioned into a vase taller than I am that looks strikingly like a skirt I brought with me. A hotel that inspires! I’ll probably never be a guest, but I’ll always keep coming back.

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