I finally saw it, up close and personal. The swimming pool on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands. I was not in it, merely near it. But it was still stunning — a bit more stunning than dinner at Ku Dé Ta.

Ku Dé Ta is one of the fine dining establishments also located on the top of Marina Bay Sands. Dinner here was good, mostly because of the atmosphere and the feeling of being 57 floors up in the sky. The service was also good, although a bit quick with five small plates arriving before the drinks and all at once after being told they’d come in succession. We had pork belly lollipops, salmon, shrimp and soft shell crabs. Dessert was the most enjoyable course — molten chocolate cake with cubed marshmallows and coconut foam (although does anyone else wish this foam trend would go away? looks like my cake just emerged from a hot bath.)

Like just about all other modern buildings in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is full of texture, color, art and larger-than-life-size structures that make me stop and look. It looked as though a giant handful of metallic water drops had been spattered across the wall behind the check-in desk, and enormous “lanterns” glowed in the lobby.


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