Suit up. It’s chili crab time! Last night we ventured to the East Coast for this delectable hands-on meal. Long Beach UDMC (not sure what that stands for — U Dish Me Crab?) is located at the water’s edge along East Coast Park. Dining is alfresco with seating for small and large groups. There’s a huge menu of seafood, both a la carte and prix fixe, and a variety of noodle, rice and vegetable dishes. However, most people come for the crab — black pepper crab and chili crab.

We ordered one Sri Lankan chili crab (see photo) which was plenty for three of us. It came in a huge serving bowl filled with chili sauce and garnished with cilantro. These crabs are BIG. Like they could practically arm wrestle you. In case you couldn’t tell from the first photo, here’s a better one for scale:

Put on your bib and prepare to do battle, or you can have your server crack it all up and hand you the fleshy pieces (a detail we learned after the fact). If you choose the former option, you’ll end up with sticky, drippy fingers full of crab and a big smile on your face. Just use the dipping bowl and handi-wipes to work out the mess. And don’t forget the buns! Two per person are perfect for sopping and mopping. Chili crab is labor expensive and intensive, so bring your appetite and your wallet.

One comment

  1. Donna would be drooling if she saw this – her very favorite dish is crab in black bean sauce and she somehow manages to eat it without any mess. Those crab claws are amazing!


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