Steam Cakes

Are these not the most beautiful little things you’ve ever seen in your life? These are steam cakes — a minor obsession since I’ve been here. Most steam cakes are much larger (like the size of a fist), but today near Tanjong Pagar I happened to stumble across these bite-size poppers in a rainbow pack. As if that wasn’t perfect enough, the shop attendant added a little bag of orange stuff on the side. “What’s this?” “Sugar,” she said with a smile and a swipe of her hand as if she were sprinkling a dash of intense orange over the rainbow. What I love most about this is that white sugar just wasn’t enough. Somebody, somewhere decided that no, we need more color — these steam cakes must have orange sugar. Yes. I totally agree. Thank god there are people who think about these things or there would be way less beauty and sweetness in the world.

Sing along with John Denver everyone… Steam cakes on my shoulders make me happy…


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