Tonight we went to see The Hunger Games, a story I was completely unfamiliar with. I loved the film (Fifth Element meets reality TV meets the not-so-distant future and a younger, less experienced and more believable Lara Croft-ish female protagonist). But… what I loved even more than the movie was the movie theater! We decided to try the much-hyped Platinum Suites at The Cathay, and booked our movie tickets online — $57.00 for two people.

The Cathay is an everyday, mid-size mall on the fringe of Orchard Road. Inside it are The Platinum Movie Suites by American Express. Eureka! The movie experience we’ve all been dreaming about. Why is American Express not doing this in the U.S.?!?! (Or any company for that matter?) People will (and do) pay good money for this.

Arrive 30 minutes before showtime to lounge in the Jetson’s-inspired lobby (shaky-cam photo above) where you can order wine, beer and a whole menu of food (don’t bring your own and don’t buy it at the concession stand outside). You can eat in the lobby before the movie starts or have your food delivered to your seat later. Hanging here for a while was all good, except for the music i.e. a slow-jam lounge version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

A few minutes before showtime, the theater door swings open and they invite you to come inside. Up the stairs you enter the cozy theater which holds just over 30 people. And here’s where it gets really good! Seats are in banks of two — each pair shares a table and a light and a button to call your server. Chairs are fully reclining, padded leather with foot rests and automated controls to get your seating position just right — the Barcalounger you always wanted! Efficient servers make sure you’re comfortable, bring you a blanket and deliver your food and drinks with as little interruption as possible. Just kick off your shoes, recline and enjoy the show or try not to fall asleep. (It’s that comfortable.)

The food was good, the film was great, the sound was divine and the whole thing was actually deserving of Platinum status among our repertoire of movie-going experiences. So, we say cheers to that and we’ll definitely be back!


  1. Livin! There are places like that here. There’s a real popular one in Austin, and the owners are building one in the mission soon. I think the Kabuki theater in Japantown converted to a theater like this a while back. Hani’s been and loved it. I agree…great concept.


  2. That looks amazing! How cosy and comfortable. Would love a trip to the cinema just to sit in s normal seat…it’s been a while….really fancy hunger games. X


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