This is how I feel when I think of the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. I’m not a big shopper… but girl, this place is so much fun! Chatuchak is enormous, trumping any other outdoor market in the region by several hundred shops and countless acres (27 in all). Seriously. You need a map and a whole weekend to experience the entire market. And as our map wisely recommends… “If you see something you love, buy it. You may never find the shop again.”

To get there, hop on the skytrain (easier than a bus or a cab) and ride to the end of the line at Mo Chit station. From there, just walk down the steps and through the park to the market.

There is no discernible beginning or end, so pick your point of entry at one of the numbered gates and agree to meet back there if you and your friends get separated. Chatuchak is a labyrinth of shops, aisles, walkways and stalls. You can buy everything here: clothing, housewares, ceramics, original art, jewelry, food, pets, DVDs, sunglasses, candles, linens, furniture, sports equipment… it’s like the Target of Bangkok, and just as seductive. But here, you get to bargain!

After a couple hours at Chatuchak. you may feel like these photos:  jumbled and confused but happy in the chaos. It’s normal. Stop and have a popsicle, hydrate, cool down, remember who you’re shopping for and continue on your path.

Occasionally, you may come across a little unexpected microcosm of culture like the gathering of Thai cowboys playing country western music that we encountered when we were here last in 2005. Seems they have moved along to other parts since then, but we did come across the boot section and a lone banjo-picking cowboy happy in his music.

At the end of the day we followed the music to a bar and a DJ not far from Gate 2, where we had a couple rounds of mojitos and snapped up some last-minute bargains from the surrounding shops and vendors. Cheers to a great day at Chatuchak! When do we go back?

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  1. I have gone to this market a couple of times and it’s amazing, has everything!! If you can handle the heat and the crowds you can find the most incredible stuff. And to end the day with mojitos, music and good company how can you go wrong??? Can’t wait to go back!


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