Long Table

While in Bangkok, we defied the suggestions of the concierge at our hotel and dropped in unannounced at Long Table. In the midst of a huge and crazy city like Bangkok, this is a good place to know about. It’s not the highest bar and restaurant in the city, or the most posh of what’s out there to choose from, but it IS a low-key, gorgeous place with a really good vibe. No reservations were no problem, but it was so beautiful here I would have waited as long as it took.

Long Table is aptly named for its very long table on the inside of the restaurant where semi-communal dining creates an open, festive atmosphere. Adding to the ambiance is the stunning, creative lighting used throughout the space — light against dark, pure color against black, and white light repetition to create the overall mood. Here’s the long bar, with various vessels and weapons in red light silhouette.

We requested to sit outside and were escorted to a low table on clear platform about a foot above the water in the pool, with light illuminating the water from below and the city skyline in the distance. We enjoyed a parade of cocktails and appetizers that included dirty martinis, rice crackers with crab and spinach dip, duck breast and prawn salad with quail eggs, and spicy Chiang Mai sausages. For dessert — a Thai take on pineapple upside-down cake and my personal favorite, mango with sticky rice in bite-size compositions.

Even better than dessert — for a designer who loves typography, at least — was the exquisite use of illuminated type on the side of the wine bar. I have no idea what it said, but the Thai-pographic curves and flourishes were enchanting in their graphic expression, practically begging me to learn another language. I ♥ Long Table.


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