Let it be known: dessert at Antoinette is a decadent affair, not to be missed when in Singapore. This is a recent discovery for me, and if Antoinette had a Frequent Flyer card I’d be earning my free ticket within weeks.

Antoinette has four shops in Singapore, and so far I’ve only been to two of them — the one at Mandarin Gallery, and the one on Erskine Road. I stopped by the latter after lunch at P.S. Cafe with visiting family. Side note: I have to say — as much as I love P.S. Cafe, their pies and cakes don’t even come close to the mini works of art awaiting you at Antoinette. But good news — P.S. Cafe (Ann Siang Hill) and Antoinette (Erskine Road) are within walking distance, so together they make an exquisite two-part dining extravaganza.

Each dessert at Antoinette is a little masterpiece of assembly and design — fruitful color, deft composition, mini bites of art plated on white china embellished with a scripty initial A. It’s all so beautiful it’s hard to stick a fork in the sweetness and mess it all up to finally have a taste. Pair any dessert with a coffee or tea — made to order and served in a fancy cup that’ll stimulate your high tea sensibilities and have you sticking out your pinky finger in no time.

Antoinette’s décor is a little bit French country and a little bit shabby chic, plus a whole lot of flowers and eclectic furniture. Just walk through the door and you’ll feel like you’ve gone from Chinatown to the Rue de Rivoli.

If frilly desserts aren’t your thing (shame!), not to worry. There are croissants, homemade jams and meringues the size of kittens, plus a range of items in lovely boxes and tins that travel well in a suitcase. OR, stop by for a meal! Antoinette does a lovely breakfast as you can see by this photo of perfect pancakes (that taste as good as they look) paired with salmon and creme frâiche. There are also crêpes, eggs and other enticing breakfast and lunch items on the menu.

Antoinette is the creation of Chef Pang Kok Keong, a “sweet-toothed gourmand” and pâtissier. Merci, Chef! I salute you, and I shall return.


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