In my opinion, one of life’s best, simple pleasures is a good meat and cheese board. Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ imported from France, paired with a great salami and a hot baguette from the oven. Agree? Then head to Platters Bistro & Wine Bar on Club Street. I ♥ this place.

Grab a seat at one of the bar tables — enough space for up to six people. The wine menu is written on a big chalkboard just inside the the front door. The French sommelier is often in attendance, and can talk to you about the myriad bottles on offer. Or, there’s usually a small selection of wines by the glass at a reasonable price (by Singapore standards).

The best, most fun part is the food — the PLATTERS. Choose from a handful of artfully created platters by the featured chef — the menu and chef changes every few months. Current platters include combinations like Salmon Symphony (seared salmon tataki, kelp sprinkle, etc.), Chef Yen’s Travelogue (grilled tiger prawns, papaya relish, etc.) and When Van Gogh Came to Asia (veggie delight).

If none of the chef’s platters strike your fancy, just assemble your own by choosing three, five or seven items from the charcuterie and cheese menu (our own seven-item symphony is pictured above). Don’t miss the terrific tête de moine (cut with a girolle into lovely, perfectly mouthwatering ripples of cheese).

This is nearly perfect nibbling when all you desire is a couple glasses of vino and a hands-on, creative nosh — nearly perfect only because I’d love to see some small additions to the self-selected platters like fruit, jams or quince paste for the cheese and additional condiments to complement the charcuterie. But otherwise, Platters is a simple, guilty pleasure I’ll return for again and again. Yes, cheese!

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