Singapore’s 47th birthday is tomorrow! Woo hoo! The whole city is awash in red and white, with flags flying proudly from just about every place you can hang a flag. This is a big deal here — so big that fighter jets have been circling and practicing for weeks, and a rehearsal was held last Saturday afternoon. We walked down to the waterfront to see what all the fanfare is about. The stands at the floating platform were packed with ticket holders clapping and yelling with national pride.

Around 6:45 there was a flyover — my favorite part. There’s nothing like the distant hum of fighter jets followed by that rush of sound and adrenaline as they cruise past overhead.

There was a long parade around the esplanade of marching bands and military precision, and people gathered to watch fireworks over the water at the end of the celebration. And it all happens again OFFICIALLY tomorrow — a public holiday we look forward to seeing and being a part of. When in Rome…


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