Well, it’s been just about six months since I moved to Singapore! (Mr. Producer has been here nearly a year – wow!) I went out for a long bike ride at Gardens by the Bay and East Coast Park today, took some photos and had some time to reflect. Here’s My Top Ten List of Random Things I’ve Learned About Singapore:

1. It is not a dry heat. (It is a very sweaty heat.)
2. Singapore’s skyline is the most futuristic of any in the world.
3. Stilettos and short shorts are acceptable attire at any hour of any day, anywhere.
4. This country can eat. (Like nobody’s business.)
5. This country can cook. (So I don’t have to. Yay!)
6. McDonald’s motorcycle delivery is super impressive. (Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger.)
7. Proximity to other awesome countries is second-to-none. (In two hours you can get to like seven!)
8. TV sucks, but Olympic coverage was The Best Ever. (Ten channels, every sport, every heat, 24/7)
9. The efficiency of Customs & Immigration is awe-inspiring. (Crazy but true.)
10. You will never, not even once, need a jacket.

Bonus! 11. Singapore thunder and lightning… very, very frightening. But pretty cool if you’re inside!

Long live the Lion City! Here’s to six months!


    1. Hello Bespoke Traveler! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, it’s a pretty amazing city. Seems like it has sprung up from nowhere while the rest of the world has been going other places. Hope you make it here someday – I think you’ll enjoy it. Safe travels!


  1. Hey there Ms. Kelly, I’m sitting in B&N’s sipping a coffee, reading your post. Singapore is an amazing city as is Hong Kong. These are places you just have to experience, to really understand.

    On a side note, I’v been enjoying all your posts. Photo’s and writing are great. I’m experiencing your life oversea through your lens. Feeling it, and so much so Im begining to missing traveling. I guess I’ll need to make tracks sooner then later. Thanks for sharing, greetings to Mr. Producer. Hugs rb


    1. RB! Great to hear from you! Thanks for the sweet note! Glad you’re enjoying my blog – so fun to write and record these experiences. Hmmm, make tracks of your own? To where? I love hearing what’s on friends’ travel lists. Back to Africa or somewhere new? Do tell! xo, K


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