Thanks Teyvika!

You may recall a blog entry I posted a few months ago about a great local tea shop called Teyvika. Shortly after I posted it, I was contacted by co-founder Yuchang Ho who thanked me for writing and invited me back to pick out a free bag of tea. How cool is that — a thankful and nice business owner who is paying attention to what people are saying about his company.

I went back to Teyvika last week and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Yuchang, as well as co-founder James Wong. Yuchang and I talked over a Mango Chai Ice-blended Tea — so delicious on a hot day in Singapore, which is pretty much every day. Teyvika’s ice-blended teas are a recent addition to the menu — a response to the demands of their customers, with each ice-blended tea recipe tried and tweaked until perfection was achieved. Yuchang also noted that my Mango Chai Ice-blended Tea was made with a real mango, not syrups or sugars used at other coffee shops around the world.

Yuchang and James started Teyvika because they believed there was no good cup of tea to be found between the quick and simple cup offered at the local hawker stands and the time-intensive, sit-down-and-wait-for-it cup at places like TWC or traditional tea shops around town. In short, there was no place to get high quality tea quickly. Enter Teyvika. That’s exactly what they do, and they do it beautifully — thanks not only to their vision but their branding as well, created by Consulus. Teyvika’s teas are imported from around the world, and Yuchang and James even traveled to Taiwan to source several of them. Teyvika’s standard of excellence is evident in everything they do.

Teyvika’s next mission is to find a location more aligned with their vision. Their current shophouse on Amoy Street in the Telok Ayer neighborhood is spacious and comfortable, but they’ll be moving soon to a location that’s better able to serve and respond to the needs of people in the central business district — perhaps somewhere along your daily path to work. Clearly Yuchang and James are smart, nimble and dedicated to the success of Teyvika — and of course, making a great cup of tea.

So here I am, writing while I sip a hot cup of Chai Rooibos courtesy of Teyvika. Sugar & Spice, oh so nice! To Yuchang, James and Teyvika… true to your vision, there really is more tea and happiness in my life thanks to you. Bravo! Keep that kettle brewing.

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