By now, maybe you’ve read my recent post about my very first dive at Tioman Island while getting scuba certified. Lucky for me and my buddy, a scuba paparazzo was there recording the chaos. Here’s a glimpse under water at where we were and what went down.

Lined up along the sea floor, we held a thin rope while we demonstrated our skills. That’s our instructor Monica with the silver tank on. She’s moving down the line, student by student. I’m way right, out of frame… waiting. First one down, last one up and cold by the end of it.

Here I am — bottom right with the (unnecessary, removed shortly thereafter) yellow snorkel. I’m waiting patiently for my turn to demonstrate that I can adeptly suck air and water in and out of my mouth and mask.

Every man for himself! One person is mask-clearing, one person is pressurizing, two people seem to be okay, while I sit at top right looking annoyed that we are still on the bottom of the ocean… and now we’re taking photos.

Okay, get ready and hold your breath (usually a major no-no) for the photo with your buddy! We are on our knees, hanging onto the line. Total beginners, we have one hose in the wrong place. The same could be said for a lot of things in life, I guess.

You want me to do what? In my first post I didn’t mention that we had taken all these photos at the end of the first dive — I kind of wanted to forget about it. I had no idea what the sign said or where it had come from. I just took it and held it up like everyone else. I look super happy, huh? HELLO, I am a super pissed Open Water Diver! With a mohawk.

Here’s dive five — by this point I had started to see the light. The skills were done and we were seeing some cool fish and I was starting to relax. That’s a longfinned batfish in front of my buddy. He (the fish) kept me company while everyone else was goofing off at “the playground”.

The playground is a submerged metal structure about 40 feet down. You can swim through it, hang from it and there’s even an old treadmill you can pretend you’re running on. It’s kind of amazing, the things at the bottom of the ocean — good and bad.

Here’s our dive boat just off the coast of Tioman Island — nothing fancy and pretty packed with about 30 people for four days.

Here’s the site of our last dive — a gorgeous, lush, rocky island in the middle of the ocean. We pulled into a small bay, out of the current, and jumped in. We dove for about 30 minutes — visibility was terrible, although I did see a really big tiger cowrie.

Graduation! Here I am on dive six at a place called Sea Fan Garden (sounds like a bad Chinese restaurant). Monica brought a graduation cap for all of us to wear. Look at me, I’m scuba certified! What does Mr. Producer have to say about all this? “Snorkelers… that is SO last year.”


  1. Kelly, you are sooooo funny. You had me cracking up. Sorry your experience was a little traumatic at times, but you did it! You’re my (ssng) super scuba ninja girl – Yay! The mohawk was priceless. That said back in the day I was “scuba” certified to 100ft. It’s a great sport, and yes it has it’s risks, but there is nothing like a dive in the tropics. Mind blowing. The ocean is always amazing, breath taking and teriffing all at once. I swear it’s one of the few places especially the Indian ocean that I really feel ALIVE, FOCUSED and engaged. Just wait till you wreck dive or swim with your first shark…looking forward to reading about your new adventures. As always…stay safe, do bold things and be happy 🙂 ritzzz


    1. RITA! You’re the best. Yes, I will keep doing bold things. I believe that’s very important in life. Super Scuba Ninja Girl! Awesome! I need to get that put on a hat or a wetsuit or something. So cool that you were certified – I look forward to the Indian Ocean someday, based on your comments. Hope life is treating you well and you, too, are doing bold things. Be well, keep reading and stay in touch! xo, K.


  2. How awesome you guys! Chris is certified too. Maybe you guys can dive together some day. Personally I think it’s unnatural to breathe underwater! Haha! I will stay onshore and enjoy the cocktails. Have fun!


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