Singapore Night Festival

Last night we went over toward Bugis/Bras Basah to check out the Night Festival, presented by the National Heritage Board. This festival is a creative mix of light, motion, street performances, music and food, spread across a few city blocks in indoor and outdoor venues. Just show up, walk around, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the fun. Best of all, the participating museums are open late with free admission.

We started at the Singapore Art Museum (above). The exterior light installation, called Mimoid II, transformed the facade into a giant canvas of shifting pixels, colors and abstract animations. So cool! This alone was worth the outing, captivating a large audience around the front entrance.

In the Queen Courtyard, “Distorted Forest” uses moving lights and Chinese shadow play to create a morphing projection of “half-plant and half-insect” elements.

On display in one of the galleries, the “Temple of Hope: Forest of Eyes” is an openwork structure illuminated by a heart hanging inside — back-lighting its images of people and messages about life.

Down the street, “Fish Tank at No. 8” was a bigger-than-life projection of, you guessed it… fish in a tank! We had some fun shooting video, using our recently learned scuba techniques to pretend we were swimming with the fishes.

The National Museum of Singapore was also illuminated with changing images and color — including smoke and flames that briefly engulfed the ground floor. Too bad for the metal barricades disrupting the view.

If you missed it this weekend, it happens again next weekend. In Singapore fashion, it’s a quirky festival and it combines a lot of elements but the creative expression is entertaining and it’s always fun to see art on such a grand scale.


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