Who’s that girl? Why it’s the Duchess of Cambridge! The Duke and Duchess have arrived in Singapore as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and grand tour of the south Pacific. Today they visited Gardens by the Bay so I ventured over to see if it was possible to set eyes on royalty and snap a few pics. Not only was it possible, but I had a front row view of their arrival. I had bypassed the suggested and staged super tree greeting area in lieu of hoping to see them come up the driveway at the front entrance. Luck be a lady today! I was gobsmacked as they drove right past me.

Here’s the Duke and Duchess as they drive past me on the way to the front entrance. Hi William!

Here’s Kate stepping out of the minibus in her white eyelet lace peplum dress and signature navy wedges. Hi Kate!

After viewing the Cloud Forest, they drove down the main path to the Super Tree Grove where throngs of fans were waiting to greet them. I opted to stay on the upper walkway so I could get a bird’s eye view of all the bits and pieces.

Here they are exiting the minibus to greet the crowd — who were sweating, fainting, screaming, chuffed to bits and in a general state of hysteria upon their arrival.

Can you imagine this being your life? She smiled, shook hands and was poised throughout twenty+ minutes of shaking hands and greeting people. I heard later she had remarked numerous times about how hot it was — proof that she is a real human being.

Here’s William — a similar swarm of people but not quite as much screaming.

Upon trying to find my way out of the gardens, I saw them again as they exited the Colonial Garden where they privately (and quickly, it seems) planted a tree. They stopped for a brief interview and then hopped in their car and drove off to their next royal engagement. As they say in Britain… byeeeeeeee!!


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