Today I celebrate one year of blogging! Woo hoo! It was here in Singapore that I began writing, photographing and compiling our overseas adventures. At the time, I had no idea writing a blog would be so fun and so educational. It’s been such a joy, connecting with friends, readers and fellow writers from around the globe. Most importantly, it’s been the absolute best way to keep our families and friends informed of what we’re doing while we’re living overseas.

As of today, I’ve written over 180 entries and I have 101 followers! To all of you, I say a huge THANK YOU for your support, interest and comments that collectively encourage me to keep going and keep writing. And, I have two fun things to share with you today. You’ve probably already noticed one… a cool, new format!! Hooray for a more editorial layout that better showcases all the recent entries on one page with featured photos! I hope you like this design. I think it suits you and me very well.

The second thing is the big reveal of my next big trip!

Drumroll please, and cue the crash cymbals……………………….. *=* BHUTAN! *=*

My dear, thoughtful, wonderful husband is sending me away for a week at the end of November. Our friend was looking for a travel buddy, so he signed me up as a gift for my recent birthday. Love that guy! He is such a great boyfriend.

So, with great anticipation I look forward to Bhutan at the end of November (I depart on your birthday, mom!) and to sharing many more blog entries with you as I embark on Year Two. It’s good to be so young in the middle of my life, finding my legs and finding my voice.


  1. Congratulations on your first year! You’ve delighted us with some wonderful posts during that time. We are the lucky ones. And, what a wonderful birthday gift!! I can’t wait to hear about, and see Bhutan through your eyes. It’s so good to see that you realize how wonderful it is to be doing the things you are doing, while young enough to really experience it all to the max.
    Un abrazo grande!


    1. Muchas gracias Angel! And thank you for reading!! Getting to know you better through writing and photography has been such fun. Thanks for your daily inspiration and view of life. Can’t wait to share Bhutan with you. ~ K.


  2. Aloha Kelly,
    I’m at Sandy’s and we’re reading your blog together. We just saw the Dance video.
    Loved it, loved it!!!! We just returned from a week in Hawaii, I think I saw us in your video. smile
    Love, Patti
    Say Hi to Mr. Producer


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog and hearing all of your adventures! Wow! has it been a year already?! and 101 followers?! good for you! Continue your fab writing and wonderful adventures!
    xo Denise


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