Órale! Another Mexican restaurant has opened in Singapore! In this part of the world, we’re always happy to have more corn tortillas and margaritas!

Lucha Loco recently opened on Duxton Hill — one of our favorite places to find great food of all kinds. Not only is Duxton Hill a foodie fantasy come true (from Spanish tapas to champagne and shellfish to sushi to fresh pasta to steak and frites to a mozzarella bar and on and on), it’s a five minute walk from our flat (lucky us!). Lucha Loco is a welcome addition — more spice, more tequila and perhaps more late nights stumbling home.

Lucha Loco took over what used to be The Toucan. Sorry, Hot Spur fans… you’ll have to find your football games elsewhere. The former pub-in-a-shophouse has been stripped down and redone in minimalist fashion with quirky details like copper pipe track lighting and unfinished walls. Thankfully, one thing hasn’t changed — lots of friendly, casual seating still spills out onto the walkway in front.

We arrived early on a Saturday night — good thing, since word has gotten out and all these tables were filled within 30 minutes. This part of Duxton Hill is closed to traffic, so you can sip your sangria in outdoor café style.

Lucha Loco means “crazy fight”, which is a strong possibility here with everyone in Singapore clamoring to get their hands on some good Mexican food. The menu and placemats have photos of masked wrestlers (I thought of you, Dré) in the spirit of Lucha Libre (free wrestling) with messages that make you laugh and let you know this restaurant doesn’t take itself too seriously. How refreshing, like a squeeze of lime and a nice shot of Patron! As one menu warns, “Niños, no practice Lucha Libre in the park or school. It’s muy dangerous.”

We started with the corn on the cob, perfectly dusted with cotija cheese and chili powder — like warm gold (and just as pretty), considering I’ve had corn on the cob just once in the nine months I’ve been here. We also tried the Tostaditos — little corn chip frisbees loaded with crab dip and topped with sprouts. Muy bueno!

The ceviche was great — fresh, raw and nicely spiced, and delivered in a little jar with a tortilla chip garnish and more sprouts. We also tried the salad, spiced black beans and several of their fish and beef tacos (in two visits). The fish tacos are good — a nod to one of the best, freshest and most delicious things you can eat on the coast of Mexico.

In addition to all the good food, Lucha Loco has a big menu (for Singapore) of tequilas, mezcals, reposados and anejos (each has a particular source and/or aging process). They also make a good margarita and a sweet glass of sangria — perfect antidotes to the loco Singapore heat. Olé!


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