It’s just a regular old Thursday in the rest of the world, but today is a great holiday in the U.S. I can practically smell the turkeys roasting all the way from Singapore. Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday, and being away from home I will certainly miss the feast, the fun, the football and, most of all, the family. I went out today to explore the neighborhood and ended up photographing a lot of doors and windows — front, back, side, up, down, open and shut, all conjuring the concept of HOME. We go home, leave home, return home, move home, think of home, miss home, lose home, find home, call home and write home. Home is universal, something every single human being has a notion of — whether it’s the country, city, town, village, house or family from where he or she comes. So today, here is home in structure and symbolism, around my home in Singapore: old, new, big, small, cared for, forgotten, loved or abandoned but home to some one at some time in some way. If these doors and windows could talk… oh, the stories of home they’d tell. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re at home wherever you are.


  1. Kelly….I was so touched by your description of home,and the lovely pictures you posted.Thanksgiving is all about being home with loved ones.It is my favorite holiday of all.We hope that you and Jay have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Pam and Sheldon Carr


  2. Wonderful words. I’m a door nut myself. Love the pics. Have a glorious thanksgiving Singapore style. Hope to see you when you visit your mom. Can’t wait to hear about Bhutan MaryBeth


    1. Thanks Mary Beth! We’re making a turkey on Sunday – I actually found a Butterball in this town! 🙂 See you in December, and hopefully there will be some Bhutanese doors coming soon! Thanks for reading. ~K.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Your entry is gorgeous (no pun intended, well a little bit intended) and amazing images. I swear, your photography continues to amaze me. These photos are food for the soul today. Better than turkey – for sure!


  4. Such a simple thought yet evokes so many. Wonderful! Hope you and Jay celebrated Singapore style. The holidays are approaching. Look forward to seeing you!


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