If you live in the U.S. or travel the world, perhaps you know her name. Like so many of us, Sarai Sierra set out into the world seeking all the things we love about travel — new experiences, people, landscapes, history, beauty and invigorating encounters with the unfamiliar. She traveled with the courage, intelligence and optimism required of any traveler these days — especially a solo female traveler. Her desire to photograph the world was blooming, and her future glowed with dreams of the places she would go someday.

As travelers like you and I know, there are good things in bad places and bad things in good places. There is risk but there is also tremendous reward. Sarai found the worst in the world when she was only seeking the best. I could have been Sarai. You could have been Sarai. Like Sarai, all of us go and see the world to enrich our lives and inform our perspectives. Like Sarai, all of us believe the world is kind and open and willing to share if we make the effort to learn and explore. Like Sarai, all of us venture beyond the boundaries and differences that separate us, seeking the humanity that brings us together.

For you Sarai, all of us will keep going.


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