I ventured out today, finally, and this is what I encountered — a strange assortment of objects that’s rather reflective of the past three weeks. Upside down, off to the side, propped up, in slight disarray, topped with a big pink star, as if to say, “Good job. You made it through March.”

March Madness isn’t just for basketball. It’s the busiest month of the year in my world, packed with non-stop, sun-up-to-sun-down staring at the computer as I uncork my creativity and let it flow across 64 pages with hope that it forms a pleasing composition, on time and on budget, with limited insanity. March Madness means my e-mails go unanswered and my blog suffers from serious neglect — stale photos and no new entries since March 10th. Bah humbug!

But just like that … it’s April! And the madness is off to the printing press, relieving a bit of pressure, offering a morning to surface, breathe and re-enter the world. And Friday? Vacation! I’m off to explore Sri Lanka! You know what that means … new entries, new photos and a new part of the world to explore. I’ll be seeing Colombo, the hill country, Adam’s Peak, Yala National Park and the southern coast of the island. If you’ve been and you have any tips, please send them my way. I’ll give you a big pink star.

More to come! It’s good to be back.


  1. Well, there you are. OMG, I’ve followed The Wanderlust Gene for some time now, a woman living in Sri Lanka for some 20 years now I think, and soon moving back home to Queensland (I think). At any rate take a look at her blog……fabulous stuff! And have fun!


  2. Hey kelly, welcome back to sanity and the satisfaction of yet another mission accomplished for MC that earns you your very own “pink star ” and justly deserved!
    So now, more stories please.
    Hug your Boyfriend for me.
    New email coming soon…
    love, mop


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