imageJust a little “teas” from the tea estates of Hill Country in Sri Lanka! We arrived last night, made it through a frenetic ride into Colombo and checked into the Galle Face Hotel — an old, tired grand dame located on the fringe of the Indian Ocean. Slept well and had a great al fresco breakfast on the terrace with dal curry, sambol and hoppers too! Hopped a morning train to Kandy, continued onto Hatton and then hired a tuk tuk to Dalhousie. Temps are cool in green hill country, like the Napa Valley of Sri Lanka with rows and rows of tea growing on every free and fertile inch of soil, flat or steep. Tonight we sleep at the base of Adam’s Peak, and if we’re up at 3:00 a.m., we’ll make the trek to the top for sunrise tomorrow morning. It’s been action packed, pleasantly cool and a nice 24 hour intro to Ceylon! More to come tomorrow!


  1. Hey U2…Caught you in a “Sat” shot at the RR station in Hatton. Keep looking up and wave. Will continue tracking you…POP


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