Get out your clogs, flower people! It’s TULIPMANIA in Singapore! Gardens by the Bay is celebrating spring with over 20,000 blooming bulbs flown in from the Netherlands, the world’s largest tulip producer. The Flower Dome is awash in color! A walk through the gardens reveals rows, pots and even wheelbarrows full of tulips, with a Dutch windmill tucked away here and there.




Tulip Mania was actually an economic event, way back in 1637 when the popularity of tulips hit fever pitch. Prices skyrocketed and then crashed. According to some, this was the world’s first economic bubble (and burst), and the economic metaphor of Tulip Mania has been in use ever since.


At the center of Singapore’s Tulipmania are rows and rows of tulips — crimson, white, red, pink, violet, yellow, fuchsia, striped, swirled and even shredded around the edges like frayed denim. Close up and far away the rows of tulips make stunning imagery, almost as if you’re in the land of Gouda and Edam. Almost.







  1. Hi Kelly. I was there yesterday. Love the seductive fragrant! At least I don’t have to be in Holland to experience the field of tulips.


    1. Hey! Wasn’t it so beautiful? I hope you’re going to do a post about it. I want to see your photos! I haven’t been to Holland, but I hope to go someday! Great to hear from you!


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