Regardless of religious affiliation, I find churches, temples, monasteries and most structures created in honor of a higher power … inspired places of beauty. Wander into any such place anywhere in the world and you will most certainly walk away having discovered someone’s artistry and belief infused into paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, masonry, stained glass or architecture (or all of the above, like at St. Peter’s Basilica). Here is one such encounter, glowing like a kaleidoscope in the morning sunlight, created by someone in 1867, discovered by me in 2013. One hundred and forty-six years later! And just as beautiful as it ever was.


  1. What a stunning window Kelly! I agree with you that these structures are inspired places of beauty. I constantly find myself drawn to the myriad details embedded in both the interiors and exteriors. And as always, you have a keen photographer’s eye. Beautiful! ~Terri


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