World Streetfood Congress

The World Streetfood Congress came to Singapore last week, for 10 days of collective belly stuffing. Forty vendors from around the world served up everything from Vietnamese pancakes to pork satay to seafood tostadas to bananas with coconut milk and sesame seeds (that line was sooooooooooo long we didn’t even get to try them!). There were tacos, too — from an eatery in New York, of all places. Fish tacos served with East coast love. (If there’s a taco in Singapore, believe me, we’ll find it.) We also tried the pork belly sandwich from a guy in Portland and the shrimp and grits from the Eurotrash Food Cart. The highlight of the evening was the Kue Pancong — an Indonesian dessert I had never tried before of warm coconut cakes dusted with sugar. Wow! It was a fun night with friends and the food was good, although way over-priced — this is streetfood people! Servings should be two dollars, not ten! But then again, this is a Congress we’re talking about.


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