nz01Greetings from a far flung, spectacular corner of the world! In five days I’ve passed through five airports, five countries, two hemispheres and two seasons on my way to winter in New Zealand. It’s been a long week of traveling: 28 hours in the air with enough tray tables and inflatable pillows to drive me to drink! So this was a welcome sight at the market in Christchurch — row after row of craft beers … a clear sign that, Toto, we’re not in Singapore anymore. More dispatches coming soon from the land of sheep, snow, and people so friendly they stop on the sidewalk to help you find the best bar. Jolly good!


    1. RITA! Hey! Thanks! How are you? Great to hear from you! Not sure I ever replied to your comment about “third culture kids”? Yes, familiar with the term and feel like we’re part of the group. Having a great time seeing the world and living in Sing. What’s new with you? 🙂


    1. Hi Thea, We’re staying at Wanaka Homestead. It’s close to the lake and to the town center, yet it feels like we’re staying at a private home. Ed and Carol have welcomed us with true NZ hospitality, and the common living room is a great place to meet other guests and warm up by the fire. We’re having a lovely stay. Thanks for the link — I’ll read your story right now as we’re keen to do some stargazing while we’re here. Great that you write for the WSJ! Thanks for getting in touch!


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