Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines and insert your earplugs! Formula 1 racing has arrived in Singapore!

Yesterday’s practice rounds began in the afternoon, with the F1 cars on the track during early and late sessions. We viewed the practice from the Bay grandstands — west-facing with a panoramic view of Marina Bay Sands and the downtown skyline.

One thing’s for sure, these boys know how to bring the noise and the adrenaline. Just watching them accelerate, brake and barely make the corners as their wheel wells glow bright red from the friction will really get your heart pumping.

In true Singapore form, crowds were big but orderly, enthusiastic but well-behaved and tickets were available at LESS than full price all over the internet. The tickets I snagged for these grandstand seats cost a total of $90, from two sellers who walked and drove to meet me at different locations downtown, making this event by far one of the most affordable and fun things to do in all of Singapore. A nice dinner for two actually costs more here than burned rubber at the race track. So I say give me racing, not food!

More to come after tonight’s qualifying round with Walkabout tickets.


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