The final two days of Formula 1 were filled with fanciful imagery all around!

Saturday’s walkabout tickets delivered a far more social experience than Friday’s grandstand seats. The evening was focused on eating, drinking and getting to know fellow F1 enthusiasts watching on the big screen at Esplanade Park. Nearby entertainment included some pretty spectacular performers who took to the pitch at Padang, including a ballerina who hovered above the crowd from an illuminated cluster of white balloons. Others ran through the crowd with glowing balloon squids (I think they were squids) and pedaled around with massive insects and creatures erected above them. Against Singapore’s varied skyline of landmarks, tall buildings and construction cranes, it was a bizarre sight to behold. The Killers, by the way, put on a great show.

Panoramam at Level 33

Sunday’s final was fabulous too — viewed from afar at Level 33 in Marina Bay Financial Center. A perfect, clear day! The track was aglow along the edge of the bay as the sunset hummed with pink and the moon rose in full — as if the Singapore skyline knew she was on display for the world. The F1 helicopter made sweeping dives over the pool atop Marina Bay Sands and the whole evening ended with a hat-trick for Vettel and a crescendo of fireworks over the water.

Fanciful, fantastical, Formula 1. Until next year…


  1. Did she escape from the Fairy Wine Bar???? We enjoyed it from afar in HD – sigh . . . .
    By the way – has already snowed twice in Truckee!!!!


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