Among the Lanes of Lukang

Hidden away along the west coast of Taiwan is a town called Lukang. Much of Lukang has the everyday hustle and bustle of motorbikes and street stalls, but among this is a sleepy little neighborhood that’s altogether different. Lukang’s Historic Preservation Area reaches back in time with narrow brick lanes and beautiful little doorways that feel untouched since well into the last century.

Exploring the area by foot allows time to linger among the evident history and charm, and walk through some of Lukang’s well-preserved temples. Longshan was a favorite with its calm, open spaces and old, impeccably groomed trees in the courtyard.

Old Market Street and Nine Turns Lane hold the discovery of antiques, crafts, artists at work, and doorways to homes within the district. Sometimes colorful, sometimes old and worn, each doorway has its own personality along with a healthy dose of intrigue as to what might be found on the other side.


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