Earth Day! I spent the afternoon with my face in the flowers at Gardens by the Bay, admiring the small-scale artistry and architecture of Planet Earth. In honor of the big-picture beauty found all over the world, a few favorite landscape photos from my travels are also included here. Enjoy the day and the big blue planet we all call home.

Click any photo to view at full size or in slideshow format.


  1. Great photos Kelly. Super closeups. We’ve been camping for the past 3 weeks, and there’s no way to get a better look at earth than living outdoors. We’re camped on the edge of small lake in Mississippi, and were entertained at happy hour by a kingfisher zooming around looking for dinner. At bedtime a massive bullfrog croaked us to sleep. It was nature at its best. Happy Earthday. ~James


    1. James! Camping sounds like HEAVEN! And what a great way to celebrate Earth Day. There’s not much camping in Singapore, so I miss the days of pitching a tent in Yosemite and car camping through Italy and France (highly recommend it). Hope you and Terri are having a fantastic time with Mother Nature. Great to hear from you, as always. 🙂


  2. These are so stunning – there just aren’t words. I consider it a great luxury when I have time to immerse myself in your posts, your photos. It is fuel for my soul.


  3. Hi Tricia! Thanks so much! Nothing fancy — just an 18-55 mm Nikon lens, all shot up close in aperture priority so I could control the depth of field. Happy you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂


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