Singapore’s 49th birthday is coming up this weekend on National Day. The celebration includes helicopters, fighter jets, a parade, a show, an appearance by the president and fireworks to end the celebration. Rehearsals for this are held in the weeks leading up to National Day so last weekend we snagged some front row seats at the esplanade and waited for the big bang. Quite a show for 49 — made more surreal and futuristic with the zigzagging lights of Marina Bay Sands. One thing is for sure… 50 is gonna be BIG.


    1. Thanks Tina! Yeah, the Marina Bay Sands is at first bizarre, but after living here for over two years it’s now an embraced feature of Singapore’s skyline. I think for everyone here it symbolizes Singapore’s desire (and achievement) of being a great city of the 21st century. And apparently, the building also has very good feng shui (representing luck, prosperity and longevity). 🙂


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