The Mid-autumn Festival ended a week ago, but here are a few photos from around town during this colorful month of mooncakes and lights. Chinatown was abuzz with activity as usual, with row after row of lighted flowers strung across Eu Tong Sen Street. Gardens by the Bay was aglow with massive light scenes — on land and floating in the water — depicting historic scenes, animals of the Chinese zodiac, and countries of the world. And Takashimaya, a favorite retail store, became a mooncake paradise with case after case of beautifully crafted parcels for sale from hotels and restaurants all over the city. If only they tasted as good as they look!


    1. What a wonderful comment to receive, as that’s exactly why I created this blog. Thank you Cegos Asia Pacific! I looked up your blog and website — I live around the corner from your office, on Cantonment Road. I see you’re looking for an executive with design experience? How can I contact you offline? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! ~Kelly


    1. Hi Angel! The sweet salted caramel snowskin mooncakes made by Marina Bay Sands are the best I’ve had so far. But in most cases, mooncake beauty far exceeds taste in my opinion. Traditional cakes have a bland pastry shell on the outside and a cooked egg yolk inside, which is dry. And traditional flavors (the filling surrounding the yolk) are red bean, green tea, pandan, etc. Unusual, and worth trying, but not the sweet treats they appear to be!


  1. Ah brings back memories of our visit a few years ago – we are watching the race right now on DVR! We missed you in Bali – the diving in Ubud was the most challenging – not sure you would have appreciated that . . . . Hope you are both well – miss you! xoxoxox


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