refractionLight is an integral part of experiencing Singapore’s Esplanade. When the sun sets the cityscape comes alive with all kinds of illuminated details, made doubly cool by the reflections on the bay. The Helix bridge, along with the distinctive forms of Marina Bay Sands and the lotus flower shape of the Art+Science Museum, make this part of the city eternally fun to photograph. The light and color change constantly — from flat greys on rainy days to blinding white highlights in Singapore’s intense mid-afternoon sun to vibrant laser lights projected after dark across water and space. What a city, what a view.


  1. Beautiful night shot Kelly. I greatly admire any photographer who can get a photo of this calibre at night. The colors are brilliant and the contrast to the pitch-black night sky makes the photo even more impressive. This marina is a very photogenic location. Very well done. ~James


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