Buh-bye Singapore at the Buddha Tooth Temple

Buh-bye Singapore at the Buddha Tooth Temple

Hello everyone! It’s been a few weeks since my last post. The silence here has hidden all the recent changes in my life … I’ve relocated from Singapore to Vancouver, Canada with a few weeks of traveling in between. Such a big change! From tropical heat to four seasons, chicken rice to poutine, beaches to mountains. No surprise there … the mountains are a recurring theme in my life. It’s good to see them out my window again.

I lived in Singapore for nearly four years and already I miss it. I loved it. It’s so hard to put it in perspective so soon, too hard to sum it up, to know what to say. I’ve tried to write this post for the past two months as the move — as life — has happened, wanting to let all of you know why my posts will soon be taking on a very different look. But I’ve been rendered speechless, writer’s block, a lover’s inability to articulate the feeling she’s feeling.

I’m just so grateful for what has been the most educational, enlightening and FUN four years of my entire life. When you arrive at a new place, you don’t know how you’re going to feel when you leave that place until time creates the story for you. Now I know my story of Singapore. I have another place in my heart, another place to call home.

So here I am in Vancouver, creating a new home with the excitement of having a blank canvas in front of me. Will I like it? Will I love it? Where will the journey take me? Who knows? Life changes course and all you can do is hang on as everything whirls around you like autumn leaves swept up by the wind. You can hide your face against the gust or you can face the sky with your eyes open and welcome whatever comes your way.

The sky is always more rewarding.


WordCamp Vancouver

I’m volunteering at WordCamp Vancouver on Saturday, August 15th. I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers in the community and hearing some of the great speakers in the line-up. If you’re going, let me know. I’d love to meet you!


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know where I’ve been the past few weeks… Singapore > Lake Tahoe > London > Vancouver. Look me up and follow along! You can find me here.

Twitter. Yes, Twitter.

I’ve resisted this social media outlet for a long, long time. I prefer to communicate with more than 140 characters. But it’s time to jump in and start firing on all cylinders. Check my feed for bits and bobs of travel info and notifications of my latest posts.

A Shout Out From Lonely Planet

A huge THANK YOU to Lonely Planet for giving me a shout out! In April, they linked here to my blog and promoted one of my posts about Oman. It’s great encouragement to keep traveling and keep writing. And if you need travel advice, the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum is a great place to post a question and find some answers from Lonely Planet’s global community of travelers, including me.

Thank YOU!

Most importantly, thank YOU for reading, commenting and supporting me here in the blog world. It’s so rewarding to be part of such a smart, generous, thoughtful and motivated community that gets out, investigates and shares the world with the rest of the world. Near or far, travel on and don’t ever lose your insatiable curiosity to explore the world outside your front door.


    1. Alison! Yes! I would love that! I’m right in the heart of downtown, moving toward Yaletown next weekend. Where are you? I don’t have a car but I’m sure we can find a central meeting point. Can’t wait to meet you in person. I’ll PM you on Facebook with contact details. Thanks so much for the invitation!

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  1. Hello Kelly,
    We too have moved from a spot we loved to back home. Sold Martis over last winter.
    Merle and I look forward to the next blog post. They are all special. Joy


    1. Joy! I was just thinking about you yesterday wondering where you had gone. I knew you sold but don’t know where you are! Miss seeing your face at Martis — I was just there for a couple weeks. Thanks so much for your comment. So nice to know you’re out there reading! Say hello to Merle, and hello to both of you from Jay! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always loved blank canvases. Congratulations on the move, Kelly. Vancouver sounds heavenly. I following a few folks on Instagram from Vancouver and their feeds are gorgeous gorgeous mountains. I look forward to some mountain shots of yours! I definitely noticed the ‘change’ and the travel on your feed – so this is what you have been up to! I look forward to seeing how you fill in that blank canvas. I am certain it will not be boring.


    1. Thank you so much, Tahira! Yes, very much looking forward to exploring the mountains here. Starting this weekend! Heading out to a hot springs resort not too far from Vancouver. Agreed, it won’t be boring here and I look forward to getting into the best shape of my life!! Lots of hiking ahead! Keep up your amazing training and eternally positive outlook! Can’t wait to hear how the Ironman goes. You’re a total badass! I mean that in the nicest way, of course! πŸ™‚


  3. Congratulations on the LP mention…well deserved!. And good luck with whatever comes next. I think I am already following you on Twitter as well as Instagram. Off to check.


      1. I was too until recently! What’s your Twitter handle?
        PS: I suggest you change the text of your sharing icons to link to your social media profiles instead of the default ‘wordpress.com’.


  4. Wow, what a switch for you. The greatest thing is, you will always have a piece of Singapore in your heart and you’ll be back there again. I bounce between Hong Kong and Seattle, and as you say the Pacific NW and tropical Asia are night and day. Will look forward to your new adventures!


    1. Hong Kong and Seattle… NICE! That’s a great combo! Yeah, Vancouver is quite a switch. It’s been two weeks and I still can’t quite believe it. But it’s nice to have a new place to explore. Great to hear from you! πŸ™‚


      1. I too like the HK – Seattle mix, keeps things interesting. Vancouver is one of those cities I’ve dreamt of living in, but being able to visit there is a nice option as well. Wish you the best in the continued exploration and adventures in Vancouver and B.C., a lot to see and do.


  5. That’s fantastic, Kelly. It looks like you were making your change exactly when we were moving, too, and your post slipped through the cracks. Things are so complicated when you’re making a change like that. Sorry for missing it, but I’m getting up to speed now. I always knew how much you loved Singapore because your affection would shine in every post. Congrats on your move to Vancouver, another fascinating place. Wishing you all the best in your new home. Now I must get to reading so I can catch up! πŸ™‚ ~Terri


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